Stickers Explained

A Statement from Students for the Field Station:

Hey kids with STICKERS! It is great that people have decided to take up 
  this effective way of campaigning!  But PLEASE read this statement: 

  The Students for the Field Station will not be held liable for any 
  damage done to college property from stickers.  We never as a group 
  initiated any sticker campaign.  We do wholeheartedly endorse any 
  wellmeaning, good natured, action on behalf of preserving the Bernard 
  Field Station.  However, if you have stickers and wish to put them up, 
  we recommend for your own sake that you do not put them on surfaces that 
  they could damage, such as fire coated windows.  We encourage an 
  attitude of respect of college property. 

And now for the stickers...
Bayer, Du Pont, and Genentech are three of KGI's corporate sponsors. As such, they will be directing KGI research, setting KGI policy, and keeping patents from KGI research.

Nazi war crimes refers to Bayer, stealing research to Genentech, and despoiling the environment to Du Pont


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Bayer's corporate web page.

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Du Pont's corporate web page.

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Genentech's corporate web page.

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The colleges own the Claremont Golf Course and a gravel pit, both of which are superior sites for building KGI, as mentioned in the city's Environmental Impact Report. Furthermore, KGI is currently in a state of the art facility on Arrow Highway, in which they have already invested millions of dollars. Yet they want to build on an endangered ecosystem?

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KGI will not be offering tenure to its faculty, thus limiting their ability to criticize the institution. Read the faculty resolutions of the other Claremont Colleges here.

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life over profits text

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