Official KGI web site - see what KGI has to say for itself

KGI counter-site - that's us :-)

Students for the Field Station - the 5-College student group resisting development on BFS.

The Great Boycott - boycott info on the worst GE corporations (and KGI sponsors)

STARC, the Student Alliance to Reform Corporations

SEAC, the Student Environmental Action Coalition

LEEP website - The Leadership in Environmental Education Partnership. A program run by Pitzer college that uses the BFS for environmental education.

Spirit of the Sage Council - A non-profit biocentric grassroots coalition of environmental organizations & American Indians dedicated to defending & conserving Native Plants, Native Animals & Native Sacred Lands. - a “brief but comprehensive overview of genetically engineered crops and foods” from the Pesticide Action Network - Greenpeace page on GE (genetic engineering)

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